Friday, October 19, 2012


This morning I drove down the valley and it was a beautiful sight.  The fields are green, the cottonwoods along the river and elsewhere are golden, cattle have come home from the high country for the winter, the weather couldn't be better, and the smell of fall is in the air.  Then coming home I enjoyed the added attraction of seeing this beauty against the backdrop of Mt. Beckwith with snow on its summit.  What more could one want on an autumn day? 

Know what I want?  I'd want you to be here to enjoy these gorgeous fall days.  So I'm going to extend my October 15% discount to include any two or more days from now until the end of the month.  Rooms are limited the next two weeks so call today to make your reservation -- 970-527-6776 -- and tell me that you saw this extended offer on the Bross Hotel blog.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Not Too Late

No, it's not too late to make a trip to Paonia.  In fact, it's a good time to visit Paonia.  The aspens are still beautiful on the mountainsides.  The valley is now changing color.  The wine tasting rooms and farmers' markets are still open.  But not for long.  The witching hour is the end of October.  Then the markets and tasting rooms will close for the winter and the aspens will drop their leaves.  So plan to visit the North Fork Valley soon.

What awaits you?  Some of Colorado's best wines.  Great fruit - apples are in abundance now.  Good buys on locally processed food items as the markets clear stock in preparation for closing.  Magnificent scenery. And, of course, comfortable beds and delicious, abundant breakfasts at the Bross Hotel B&B.  But that's not all - make your reservation at the Bross for at least two nights, Sunday through Thursday, and get a 15% discount on your room.  Call today - 970-527-6776